Leia’s Gift In Memory Of Our Thomas

Dealing with the loss of a family member or friend is always a difficult time, and it’s often hard to process losing someone you loved. For Leia Easby, aged 14, she lost her younger brother, Thomas, who was just 11. We often struggle to relate to what a child may be going through when someone has passed, and after losing Thomas, Leia needed something to help process what she was feeling.

Her parents received a memory box for Thomas’ passing, however Leia came away with nothing. This then inspired Leia to create ‘Leia’s Gift In Memory Of Our Thomas’. These boxes help children with the process of losing a loved one. Leia and her family researched online to see which items would be best, and created a fantastic package that a child would need when dealing with death.

The box contains a pen and journal so a child can write down anything they wish, a cuddle toy lamb, photo frame, bracelet, and other items which help children deal with bereavement. Plus, Leia has written a letter telling any child who gets a box that they are not alone. Leia specifically chose these items as it provides children with a distraction, giving the child excitement of opening the box and an opportunity to do the the activities in the box. As well as this, it gives a child the chance to express themselves privately, in their own time, so they can process what has happened.

Leia and her family were supported by our Family Support Team. This service offers emotional support and Counselling at any point in your journey. Our aim is to be there for you when you need to talk, listening without judgement, and offering support and understanding, with whatever you bring to your session.

Leia and her Aunt, Helen, visited the Hospice recently to showcase these terrific, well thought out boxes to our Children’s In Patient Unit Nurses. We loved these boxes at Butterwick Hospice and hope to make ‘Leia’s Gift In Memory Of Our Thomas’ something which every child has access to if they require one. To do that, Leia and her family have set up a Facebook Page where you can donate, and buy contents of the boxes through Amazon.

Thank you Leia for being so inspiring, and using your loss to help others in your situation.